DfE Guidance on Uniform

Following the DfE update:

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COVID - 19 Safety

We believe that wearing uniform is the safest option for all students whilst there is still  a risk of COVID-19.


 Uniform can be removed immediately after school reducing the risk of transference of COVID-19 to the home environment.

  • Wearing school uniform means students don’t have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. We think this is particularly relevant given the mental wellbeing challenges that many school children have faced from the pro-longed lock down.

  • Uniform allows you to identify that your pupils are following social distancing rules to and from school will help to keep your community as safe as possible. 
  • Uniform is designed to withstand day to day school life as well as reducing expenditure for parents on high street or fashionable brands, particularly when so many households have been impacted economically by the pandemic. 


Parent Booking System


We have released more dates and time slots for new starter parents to book an appointment to visit our stores and experience our 1:1 personalised service from our trained and experienced staff.

Please can you encourage as many new parents to visit our website and book a store visit as early as possible.


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Parent Plan

Please can you resend to all parents as a reminder to not leave it late, book a store visit or order their uniform through our website.

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