Lunchtimes are a little different at the moment so to help you out we have some information about the meal deals and the food options available.

There are three main food service areas: The Pasta Station - located next to Student Services; The Panini Stand -located near the library and The Grab and Go Station - easily visible as the heat lamps will be on. 

All food can be paid for by using the new prepaid contactless cards. The video on the right shows you how to add money to your account. This can also be done by using the ParentPay link at the bottom of every page. 

The Pasta Station - As the name suggests, you can get two types of pasta here. One meat/chicken pasta and a vegetarian option.


The Panini Stand - Here you will find a range of panini's.

The Grab and Go Station - Here you will be able to choose from a range of sandwiches, as well as the occasional hot food option that can be eaten on the go - sausage (vegetarian as well) rolls, burgers etc.

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