English as an Additional Language

The EAL department at Hyde High School consists of a team of three which includes a coordinator and two EAL teaching assistants. It is the EAL team's aim to provide tailored resources and support for students whose first language isn't English.

The help given to learners is given based on an evaluation of individual pupil's needs through use of NASSEA assessments. These assessments are then conducted at regular intervals by both teaching assistants throughout the school year to track pupil progress in regards to reading, writing and speaking skills. Copies of the outcomes of these assessments are sent home to parents/guardians/carers alongside a summary of progress written by one of the EAL teaching assistants. 

The EAL team employs a large range of approaches to support both within classrooms (enhancing normal teaching) and during special 1-1 timetabled sessions in the EAL office. 

The EAL team maintains contact with learner's guardians/parents and carers throughout any transition periods to ensure pupils settle well into the school environment at Hyde. All members of the team are easily contactable through use of their work emails as listed below.

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EAL Staff

EAL Coordinator
Miss Elizabeth Cavanagh 
[email protected]


EAL Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helen Williams
[email protected]


EAL Teaching Assistant
Mrs Shumona Islam
[email protected]