KS3 Religious Education

Year 7

We consider Year 7 to be in our ‘foundation’ phase, where they will cover the basics of six world religions within an over-arching social or religious theme. Lessons in this foundation phase are designed to enable Year 7 pupils to learn the processes of skill application we expect them to regularly use in RE, and to gain confidence and independence in lessons.  We begin Year 7 chronologically studying the more culturally familiar Abrahamic religions before moving to more unfamiliar and therefore culturally challenging ‘Eastern’ religions. Studying in this way allows our pupils to identify patterns of belief between the related religious traditions in the world today.

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Term 1

Rules (Covering Judaism and Christianity)

Term 2

Actions and consequences (Covering Islam and Sikhism)

Term 3:

What makes a religion? (Covering Hinduism and Buddhism)

Year 8

In Year 8, we consider our pupils to be working within the ‘development’ stage. At this point, they will focus on the religions of Islam and Christianity as reflected in our local community, and explore ethical issues such as capital punishment, as is age appropriate. The development stage is one of stretch, challenge and improvement - we expect our pupils to be able to apply relevant academic skills, and so focus on the refinement of this through reflection and collaboration.

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Term 1

Is it hard to be a Muslim?

Term 2

Why is Christianity so popular?

 Term 3

Should the UK bring back capital punishment?

Year 9

By the end of Year 9 we consider our pupils to have entered our ‘expertise’ phase – the expectation is that they will have mastered our academic skills ready for GCSE, and that they will be ready to be taught more sophisticated and emotionally challenging issues, such as the content of our religious expression and medical ethics units, as they mature. Our final unit in Year 9 crosses over into PSHE, ensuring that all pupils meet the government's statutory expectations for drugs and alcohol education.

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Term 1

Forms of expression. 


Term 2

Medical ethics.


Term 3

PSHE crossover: Drugs