KS3 Geography

Year 7 Geography

During year 7, the following topics are covered:

  • Structure of the Earth
  • Travelling Tribes
  • Climate
  • Contrasting biome study
  • Weather and microclimate project

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Structure of the Earth

Students learn about Earth’s formation, structure and tectonics. They learn about hydrological and fluvial processes with a focus on how our land is shaped.

Travelling Tribes

Students learn about settlement both in the past and present. They look at the creation of megacities and sustainable cities for our future.


Students learn about the factors that affect global climate zones and the features of the world’s biomes. 





Students will complete a study on two contrasting biomes (polar and hot desert). They will focus on climate, flora, fauna and adaptations. They will also look at how human activity might have a future impact on these biomes.


Weather and Microclimate project

Students learn about varying weather conditions across the UK, how weather is measured, extreme weather and how this impacts human activity. They complete their own project on microclimate, factors that affect it and using specific fieldwork techniques carry out a geographical investigation into microclimate around our school. 


Year 8 Geography

During year 8, the following topics are covered:

  • Jobs and Industry
  • Population
  • Geology 
  • Resources
  • Conflict Diamonds



Jobs and Industry

Students learn about different industrial sectors with a focus on agriculture, manufacturing in LIDC’s and Multinational Companies as well as farm diversification and the tourism industry. 


Students will learn about world population growth and issues resulting from this growth such as an ageing population in the UK. The students will complete an in depth study on China and their controversial population control program. The unit will then end with migration and refugees.


Students learn about the meaning of geology, rock formation and how both geology and glaciation are interlinked to create specific landscapes in the UK.  Students will also learn about palaeontology and the geological timescale explaining significant extinction events in Earth’s history.



Students learn about both finite and renewable resources and their global importance. They will look at the social, economic and environmental impacts of resources around the world with a focus on the Middle East. 

Conflict Diamonds

Students learn about the formation of diamonds and their location. They will then create a country study on Sierra Leone, looking at its development and the issue of conflict diamonds in the country.


Year 9

During year 9, the following topics are covered:

  • Focus on India
  • Focus on Russia
  • Changing Climate
  • Dynamic Development


Focus on India

Students complete a country focus on India and its development. They draw on their knowledge and understanding from previous topics to analyse how physical and human features of a country can impact the overall development. 

Focus on Russia

Students complete a country focus on Russia and its development. They draw on their knowledge and understanding from previous topics to analyse how physical and human features of a country can impact the overall development.

Changing Climate

Students learn about historical patterns of climate change, analysing significant evidence and trends which have occurred over geological time. Students then move onto the causes and effects of current human enhanced climate change with a focus on national and global strategies to slow the impacts of global warming.


Dynamic Development

Students learn about global patterns of development, how we measure development and the factors that affect it. They complete a country focus on Ethiopia looking at economic and social development including the Millenium Development Goals, debt, conflict, the impact of MNC’s and different types of aid.