High Ability Learners

High Ability Learners

 “There are two ways to interpret the phrase ‘stretch and challenge’. On the one hand, it relates to whole - class teaching and the importance of stretching and challenging every pupil’s thinking. On the other, it relates to individuals and the importance of pushing the thinking of the most able pupils. Both interpretations are equally valid and essential components of great teaching”. Mike Gershon


At Hyde High School, we aspire to provide all our students with an education which allows them to fulfil their potential. Our students are entitled to a school life that is engaging and challenging which can help them develop their potential. Our High Ability provisions are designed to fulfil these aims.


Our 3 main provisions are:

·         Good to great

·         Critical thinking skills

·         Academic mentoring

critical thinking HAL

good to great HAL

mentoring HAL

Students are identified as High Ability Learners in Year 7 based on their Key Stage 2 results. 

Students from Hyde High School participate in the Gateway programme run by the University of Manchester. This enables students from across both key stages to take part in a series of academic enrichment and higher education activities. The progress of High Ability Learners is measured termly with mentoring, and intervention, available for pupils.

In Years 7 and 8 High Ability Learners will get the opportunity to attend sessions delivered by Ashton 6th Form College as part of the 'Reaching Higher' programme based on A Level tasters. 

Year 9 students will visit the University of Salford for a general Options choices course. 

Year 10 students will attend subject specific sessions again at the University of Salford e.g. Explore English. 


Please contact subject specific department leaders for more detailed information on work done in individual departments.

For more general information about High Ability Learners, please contact Mrs Halliwell.

[email protected]