Year 9 Options Information 2024

Year 9 Options 2024

As Year 10 approaches, all Year 9 students have an opportunity to make some choices about their course of study in Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11).

The curriculum we offer is arranged in such a way as to encourage students to study as broad and balanced a range of subjects as possible, in line with the aims and philosophy of this school. Choosing such subjects means that students should think about what they are good at and enjoy, as well as possible future career paths. Above all, it is important to keep options open, so that no doors are closed in the coming years.

Over recent years we have modified the range of course opportunities considerably and we make every effort to ensure that each child has a personal and ambitious curriculum appropriate to fulfilling their maximum potential.

We strongly encourage students to talk over their choices with both parents/carers and teachers at this time, so that subjects are chosen for sound reasons.

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