Year 9 Personal Development

Internet Safety and Harms - Autumn Term

Cyber Security

  • How to identify key threats to the security of a computer system and its data (Including personal data)
  • Different kinds of malware and their threats.
  • What social engineering is and how it is used to trick people into revealing sensitive information.
  • Methods of prevention and protecting sensitive data.

Online Data

  • How cookies work.
  • Online platforms and search engines gather personal information.
  • How and why personal data is shared by online companies.
  • How to limit the data companies gather including paying particular attention to tick boxes when accessing a game or app for the first time.
  • Much of the content seen online is the result of some form of targeting.
  • How adverts seen at the top of online searches and social media often come from companies paying to be there, different people will see different ads.
  • How pupils can protect themselves, including what to do if something goes wrong.
  • What a digital footprint is, how it develops and how it can affect future prospects.
  • How content can be shared, tagged and traced.
  • How difficult it is to remove something a user wishes they had not shared.
  • Online platforms and search engines gather personal information. How to find information about privacy settings on various platforms.
  • Privacy settings have limitations.
  • Much of the content seen online is the result of some form of targeting.

Relationships, Sex and Health Education workshops - Spring Term

Intimate and sexual relationships

  • The facts surrounding reproductive health
  • Strategies for identifying and managing sexual pressure and choices The facts surrounding a range of contraceptive choices


  • How STI’s are transmitted and how risk can be reduced
  • The impact of STI’s
  • Where to get confidential advice

Mental Wellbeing

  • Emotional literacy
  • Stigma surrounding mental health and seeking help
  • Analysing emotions and experiences
  • Recognising concerns and illness
  • Self care techniques
  • Sources of help and support
  • Healthy lifestyles (physical) Healthy Lifestyles
  • Physical health and fitness
  • The importance and characteristics of a healthy lifestyle
  • Risks associated with an inactive lifestyle
  • Health worries and support ( All content delivered through workshops delivered through March drop down day)


  • The history of democracy
  • The role of The Monarchy
  • Voting and elections
  • How does Parliamentary Democracy work
  • The role of an MP The House of Lords
  • The House of Commons
  • Saving and spending
  • Being a smart consumer

Health Education - Summer Term

  • The definition of drugs and the laws surrounding drugs in the UK
  • Addiction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Alcohol and its effects
  • The dangers of smoking and vaping
  • Attitudes towards cannabis
  • How drugs and alcohol can lead to risky behaviour
  • The importance of sleep
  • Dental hygiene, sun safety and vaccinations