Personal Development Education

At Hyde High School, we understand the vital importance of a curriculum that extends beyond both academic and vocational education and develops students in many other diverse aspects of their lives.
It is important that we support students in their personal development so they become confident and resilient individuals and well prepared for their adult lives.

The aims of personal development are for all our students are:

  • To know how to stay healthy and safe.
  • To understand the value of respectful and healthy relationships.
  • To know the difference between right and wrong and have a tolerance and appreciation of others protected characteristics.
  • To know how to discuss opinions appropriately and to appreciate the views of others.
  • To have the opportunity to develop as an individual outside the classroom.
  • To know how to make informed decisions about their future and where to get reliable advice from.

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We have an obligation to provide students with high quality and age appropriate teaching of the different strands of personal development.

The team of staff that will be working with you throughout your Personal Development is listed below. If you need an help or advice please speak to a member of the team.

Mr Thompson: Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Kendrick: RSHE & Citizenship coordinator

Mr Panter: Head of e-safety coordinator

Mr Bannister Teacher of Personal Development

Miss Williams Teacher of Personal Development

Miss Taylor Teacher of Personal Development

Mrs Tong: Teacher of Personal Development

Mrs Broderick: Teacher of Personal Development

Mrs Etchells Teacher of Personal Development

Miss Amdurer: Careers advisor

Personal Development Learning Overview

Please click on the link below to view or personal development learning journey document.

Personal Development Learning Overview

personal development programme of study

As part of our ongoing cycle of improvement, we would appreciate any feedback on the content of the schools RSHE curriculum. The school policy can be viewed by following the link below.

RSHE Policy