Ofsted Report

Monitoring Inspection of Hyde High School - July 22

Further to our monitoring inspection by Ofsted on 5th July 2022, please click on the link below to read the formal outcome letter dated 7th September 2022:

Ofsted letter 07.09.22


Additional, remote monitoring inspection of Hyde High School - March 2021


Further to our additional, remote monitoring inspection on 30th March 2021, please click on the link below to read the formal outcome letter dated 21st April 2021:


Hyde High School Inspection Letter dated 21st April 2021

Ofsted Report

The latest Ofsted report in November 2019 acknowledged that “Since the previous inspection, leaders have improved the school in many ways”; we are especially proud of what it says about our fabulous pupils.  Inspectors spent a lot of time talking to pupils both in lessons and around school and were very impressed with their openness and eloquence.  Some of the key comments from pupils were:

Pupils enjoy coming to school. They say that teachers listen to them. Pupils told us that they feel safe.”

“Pupils work hard. They say that teachers help them to complete work to a high standard.”

“Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour. Pupils respect staff and each other. Pupils feel valued in the school. They say that it is ‘OK to be different’ and value the differences between people in the school. Pupils say that bullying rarely happens but is always dealt with well by staff.”

“Pupils know that it is important not to be away from school. We saw several pupils proudly wearing their 100% attendance badges.”

“Pupils trust their teachers and say that there is always someone to talk to if they need help.”

“Pupils have a positive approach to their learning.”

“Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe. They are aware of the risks of social media.”

“Pupils take part in a wide range of clubs and activities.”

We are never complacent and we know that there are always things that we can do better; thank you so much to all the pupils and families whose positive contributions make our school a great place to learn.

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