KS4 Health & Social Care

OCR Cambridge Nationals in Health and Social Care

The Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Health and Social Care provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for future study and ultimately a career within the Health, Social Care and Early Years sectors.  

This course is a vocationally-related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment.  Students will study a total of four units of which 2 are mandatory and the other 2 are chosen from a number of optional units.

Each unit contributes 25% to the final grade awarded.

The two mandatory units are:

Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings.

This unit focuses on the rights of individuals and will instill the values of care to be used when working in a health, social care or early years environment. All good practice is based on these values and enables those who use and work in care settings to apply quality practice. The unit also provides an overview of legislation and its impact on the care settings and covers the hygiene, safety and security matters that relate to promoting a healthy and safe environment.

This is an examined unit, which is set and marked by OCR.

Communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings.

This unit will provide learners with the underpinning knowledge and understanding of how to communicate effectively and what personal qualities will contribute to the creation of a caring environment when working with individuals in a health, social care and early years setting.

This is a centre assessed task which is moderated by OCR.

Optional Units

Students will study two further optional units which also contribute 25% each to the final grade awarded.  They are centre assessed tasks which are moderated by OCR.