Year 7 Personal Development

Internet Safety and Harms - Autumn Term

Inappropriate Content

  • SMART rules (Safe, Meet, Accept, Reliable, Tell)
  • Harmful content, what is harmful and what age ratings are.
  • Who the BBFC and PEGI are and why certain products have age ratings.
  • The impact of viewing inappropriate content.

Fake News

  • Why is the news important and can we trust everything we see online?
  • The difference between disinformation, misinformation & opinion.
  • How and why false information is shared.
  • That the viral spread of this content can be seen as a stamp of authenticity.
  • The CRAAP rules for spotting false information
  • How can false information be harmful?
  • How to report any concerns & find help online.


Delivered through the STEPS programme in form time

  • Changes and achievement
  • Stepping up from primary school
  • Influences
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Personal qualities
  • Skills for Life
  • Recording and presenting information
  • What is work?
  • Using the Careers Library
  • L.M.I and S.T.E.M
  • Changes in the World of Work
  • Creativity
  • Setting targets
  • Reviewing my learning and looking ahead

Relationships, Sex and Health Education - Spring Term

Family and relationships

  • Different types of committed and stable relationship
  • Family, happiness and wellbeing
  • Marriage and its legal status
  • The role of parents
  • Sources of trustworthy and reliable information

Respectful and positive relationships

  • How to recognise positive and healthy friendships
  • Strategies to Improve and support respectful relationships including tolerance and respect
  • Behaviours and stereotyping that can damage relationships including protected characteristics

Changing Adolescent Bodies

  • Facts around puberty
  • Changing bodies physical and emotional
  • Menstrual wellbeing and facts on menstrual products


Delivered through form time throughout Spring term

The focus is rules, fairness, rights and responsibilities. Money management:

  • The school community
  • Rules and applying them
  • What rights should children have
  • Our responsibilities
  • Having a voice
  • Taking part in a debate
  • Communities and identities


  • Living together
  • How can communities get along better?
  • Community service
  • Active citizenship
  • Can you change anything project
  • Why do we use money?
  • What do you do with your money?