Admissions Arrangements

Admissions arrangements for our school are coordinated by Tameside School Admissions . Please refer to Tameside Admissions Department for High Schools for more information about how places are allocated. The published admission number for September 2024 is 210. 

National offer day is 1st March 2024. On this day you will be informed by email from  Tameside School Admissions  which school your child has been allocated to. You will receive a letter from school shortly after this date confirming your child's place. If you choose to refuse the place offered at Hyde, you should notify school straight away. You will continue to receive information from us until Tameside School Admissions have confirmed to us that your child has been offered a place at an alternative school. If your child has not been offered their chosen school, you can appeal to Democratic Services via Tameside’s website . The closing date for appeals is March 29th.  Your child’s name will also be added to your chosen school’s waiting list.  You will be able to check your child’s position on the waiting list online from the middle of April.


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Offered A Place

If you have been offered a place at our school, click on the button to the right to see information about transition from KS2 to KS3.