Supporting your Child's well being

Supporting your Child

We aim to provide you as parents and carers with as much information as possible, to support your child's journey through school. We hope you find the information useful and as always, if you can't find the information, please use our Contact Page to get in touch.

There is more information available by clicking in the link below.

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Parental Support

Please find the latest Parental support handbook, issued by Tameside Council. It contains information that parents or carers may wish to access from time to time.

There are some other documents that you may find useful too.

Mental Health and Well-being

It is important that parents, carers and children take steps to look after their health and wellbeing, especially during the COVID pandemic when interaction and social contact with others is limited. We have provided a link and some further advice that may help during these difficult times


Please see the help document for parents/carers supporting those that have experienced bereavement.

Supporting bereaved children