How we support SEND


At Hyde, we use the graduated response in order to remove barriers to learning. The approach is split up into four waves as described below.

Wave 1 – Quality First Teaching

Wave 2 – Additional, targeted short term interventions

Wave 3 – Targeted additional and personalised interventions

Wave 4 - Students with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)

Wave 1

High quality teaching, differentiated for individuals is the first step in responding to pupils who have, or may, have SEN. Teaching staff are expected to look carefully at how they organise their lessons, the classroom and the resources in order that they meet the needs of all students. Some students in school with identified SEND, or where concerns regarding progress have been raised, will be placed on a ‘Wave 1’ inclusion register in order for staff to easily identify them and therefore differentiate appropriately to their needs.

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Wave 2

This will include short (6 week), small group interventions or possible 1 to 1 sessions built into the curriculum where they are of benefit to students. Interventions should be in place for all areas of SEND;

Cognition and Learning – e.g. reading, spelling and numeracy

Communication and Interaction – e.g. social skills

SEMH – e.g. emotional literacy and anger management

Physical/Sensory – e.g. fine motor skills

Interventions will be open to all students where it is felt it could be of benefit, regardless of whether students are on the inclusion register or not. Progress of students taking part in interventions will be measured and next steps identified.

Wave 3

This will be provided for students for whom Quality First Teaching and Wave 2 interventions are not enough for them to make progress. Students at Wave 3 will usually be on the inclusion register at ‘SEN Support’. This may include working towards targets set by external agencies (for example, a speech and language therapist) or be offered in order to provide a modified curriculum. Students on the inclusion register will have a key worker and termly reviews will be held to monitor their progress. They will also have a One Page Profile designed to help teachers best support them in class.

Wave 4

Students with an Education Health Care Plan will have specific outcomes and provisions agreed by the Tameside SEN Team. As well as having a key worker and termly reviews EHCP students will have annual reviews led by the SENCO or Assistant SENCO.


In addition to the support or interventions within the normal school day, we offer a homework club to help support students on the SEN register. Attendance is by invitation only and the club runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you would like your child to attend please contact their key worker.