KS3 Languages

Year 7 Languages

During year 7, all pupils are given a taster; learning one language for 4 weeks from German, Spanish and French before choosing which one they would prefer to continue studying in the future. After conducting a baseline test, students first cover the basics of learning any language including phonics and spelling, classroom language and dictionary skills before moving on to the main topics. Our aim is to give them a firm foundation in the basics of each language, so that they can make an informed choice at the end of the first term. At this point, students will be able to talk about themselves and others and food - including their likes and dislikes about all of these topics with some justifications too.


During Year 7 in MFL, students will cover the following topics:

  • How to learn a language
  • Personal description
  • What I like to eat
  • Where I live 
  • Free time
  • School life



Year 8 Languages

In Year 8, students recap and consolidate their previous learning. Students begin by recapping/describing their family and themselves in more detail, where they are introduced to the future tense to describe their future family or what they would like their family to be like in the future. This is followed by discussing fashion and lifestyle, focussing on giving and understanding complex opinions, further developing the skills learnt in Year 7. In Term Two students discuss festivals & celebration preferences, using and building on their understanding of both present and future tenses and are introduced to modal verbs to talk about what you can do, could wear etc.  In this term students also learn about daily life in target-language countries, to broaden their intercultural understanding. In the final term, they study a module on food specialities and healthy eating, followed by well-being and illnesses, to develop their transactional language and experiment with spoken role play scenarios.

During Year 8 in MFL, students will cover the following topics:

  • My family and I
  • Lifestyle
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Daily life in target-language speaking countries
  • Food and healthy eating
  • Well-being and illnesses

Word languages and edges of flags

Year 9 Languages

During year 9, pupils develop their language skills by focussing on 4 topics in a greater depth over the school year. The idea is to build on pupil’s prior knowledge from Years 7 and 8 as well as introducing more challenging grammar aspects needed for the GCSE. Our aim is to prepare pupils for the GCSE as well as learning cultural aspects of MFL and talking about how to use MFL in the future in regards to job prospects. By the end of Year 9, pupils will be able to use three tenses in their writing, give opinions and justify them using a range of subordinate clauses and be able to think critically about current real life topics such as travelling abroad, global issues and the dangers of the internet.


During Year 9 in MFL, students will cover the following topics:

  • Entertainment and technology
  • Other media and music
  • My future
  • My home and environment
  • Holidays