Year 10 Personal Development

Careers - Autumn term

  • The careers framework
  • Writing a C.V.
  • Post 16 qualifications
  • Action planning
  • Record of achievement (Xello)
  • College and apprenticeship application.
  • Finance and budgeting
  • LMI

Relationships, Sex and Health Education - Spring Term

Positive and Respectful Relationships

  • The characteristics of positive and healthy relationships
  • How stereotyping can damage relationships
  • Steps to improve relationships
  • Hate crime
  • What constitutes as sexual harassment and violence
  • Criminal and coercive behaviour
  • Rights and responsibilities

Family and Relationships

  • Different types of relationship and how relationships can lead to happiness
  • Bringing up children in a relationship
  • Marriage and the legal status compared to other types of relationship Healthy and unhealthy relationships and managing conflict
  • Stereotyping

Relationships, Sex and Health Education - Summer Term

Intimate and sexual relationships

  • Positive and healthy intimate relationships
  • Reproductive health
  • The facts surrounding contraception
  • Fertility
  • Issues surrounding pregnancy including abortion and choices
  • The facts surrounding different Sexually transmitted diseases

Mental Wellbeing

  • How to recognise the signs of mental ill health


  • Healthy and unhealthy coping strategies
  • Sources of support