KS4 Religious Education

GCSE Religious Education

KS4 Course 1 EDUQAS GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A)

At Hyde, we follow the EDUQAS Spec A GCSE in RE, with emphasis on the study of Christianity and Islam. The EDUQAS GCSE course provides opportunities for pupils to enrich their academic and cultural capital, and encourages development of independent thought and social responsibility. GCSE RE offers pupils extensive opportunities to develop high-level literacy and transferable learning skills. In order to help support the application of the theory of religions to 21st century issues, we teach the EDUQAS GCSE course at Hyde according to the following sequence:

1. Christian beliefs 5. Issues of good and evil
2. Islamic beliefs  6. Issues of human rights
3. Issues of relationships 7. Christian practices
4. Issues of life and death 8. Islamic practices


To measure their attainment at GCSE, pupils will sit three exams at the end of their course:

Component 1: Ethical and Philosophical Issues (2 hours/50%)

Component 2: Study of Christianity (1 hour/25%)

Component 3: Study of Islam (1 hour/25%)