Assessment and Reports

Assessment and Reports

'Assessment is the engine which drives student learning' - John Cowan

Assessment for Learning focuses on the opportunities to develop our students' ability to evaluate themselves, to make judgements about their own performance and improve upon it.

Key Stage 3 students are regularly assessed in all subjects throughout each academic year. This encourages students to make progress by reflecting on their own learning and revising independently; it will also help to prepare them for the rigours of external assessment at GCSE, in Further Education and eventually at University. This is increasingly important as the new GCSEs (introduced from 2017 onwards) will focus heavily on final exams rather than coursework elements.

Key Stage 4 students are also assessed regularly and each report will show ‘projected’ grades. This represents the GCSE grades that your child is likely to achieve based on current work rate, effort and attitude.

We will formally report to parents/carers on all students’ progress three times a year, in addition to individual face to face meetings with subject teachers at Parents’ Evening once a year. If at any time you need further information you can, of course, directly contact the school.