Music Lessons

Music Lessons

A wide range of instrumental tuition is offered at Hyde. This is provided by Tameside Music Service. Weekly lessons take place in school time, on your own or with just one other student. Music lessons are on a rotating timetable so you rarely miss the same lesson twice.

Instrument lessons are 20 minutes long and can be individual (£11.60 per lesson) or shared with just one other student (£5.84 per lesson).

Don’t let the price put you off as you may be entitled to discounted or free lessons.

Lessons are provided by Tameside Music Service and therefore lessons & payment can be arranged here:

or by following the link in your Music Google Classroom.

Once signed-up for lessons you will be added to the instrument timetables, which are displayed outside of the Music Department, and you will also be added to the Instrument Lesson Google Classroom, where you will have access to your timetable, sheet music, backing tracks and videos to help you learn. Instrument lesson times will take place during the school day. Lesson times change fortnightly to avoid clashing with the same subject every week.

If you have any further questions please email: [email protected]

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