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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Team

Our school has an active Senior Student Leadership team made up of students from yr10 and 11. We are often the ambassadors for our school for events, guest tours and open nights. The Head Students and Deputy Head Students are part of this team. We work hard as a team to deliver school campaigns on important issues such as Anti Bullying. This includes delivering assemblies and raising awareness through posters and updates on our school social media pages. We raise money for the school charity, which is currently Rueben’s Retreat. (Students vote to choose a charity to support), as well as annually for Children in Need, this always includes the yearly Staff vs Yr11 football match as well as bake sales. Every student on the team as a chance to create a legacy project. To make our school and even better place after they leave. With a focus on learning, community or welfare. These have included recycling schemes, mental health websites, stop smoking campaigns, raising awareness of homophobic bullying, communicating with parents who do not have English as a first language and, establishing a school stationary bank. Recruits are sought in year 10. Form tutors and students get all the information sent to them they need to apply. The yr10s support the current yr 11 team, until they take over in the Summer Term.



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                          2020-21 Student Leadership Team


Student Leadership Team raises money for Willow Wood Hospice - Christmas 2020

The Student Leadership Team raised funds for the Willow Wood Hospice in the lead up to Christmas and have received this letter of appreciation.