Student Leadership

Student Leadership Team

Our school has an active Student Leadership team made up of students from every year. We are often the ambassadors for our school for events, guest tours and open nights. Our Head Students, Deputy Head students and Senior Student Leadership team are from year 11 and are working on legacy projects to ensure the school will be a better place when they leave. We all support each other and we know our input is valued throughout the staff and all the students too.
We work in the areas of...
  • Teaching and Learning; working on school displays, delivering surveys and ensuring students can vote for a prize winning Terrific Teacher each half term.  
  • School Community; we arrange social events such as our Culture and Languages day, or Colourful sock day for PRIDE, events for Children in Need and Comic Relief. We raise money through fun events such as Selfie frames and bake off events.
  • Welfare; we arrange and deliver assemblies about bullying and cyber safety, anti smoking and mental wellbeing. 



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                          2020-21 Student Leadership Team


Student Leadership Team raises money for Willow Wood Hospice - Christmas 2020

The Student Leadership Team raised funds for the Willow Wood Hospice in the lead up to Christmas and have received this letter of appreciation.