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Student Successes

Student Successes

Increasingly, both employers and further education institutions are looking for qualities that go beyond examination performance. We want to help students identify and develop these qualities but, perhaps even more importantly, to recognise and reward students whilst they develop into skilled, strong, kind and responsible citizens, equipped for a rapidly changing world.

During one of our first assemblies, we launched our “Four Character Pillars” to every year group in school. Our four pillars are: Scholarship, LeadershipCommunity and Participation. Students will be awarded positive points in lessons under the four character pillars and criteria has been shared with students so that they are aware of what they need to do to achieve rewards in each pillar.

Points will also be awarded to students for getting involved in extracurricular activities and events under the Participation pillar. At the end of each term, students with the highest points in each pillar will be acknowledged with non-uniform days and certificates.

We would love to hear about the amazing things that our students are doing out of school so that we can celebrate and reward their successes. On this page where you can share these amazing success stories. You can access the link here or by looking under the parent’s section, the page is called Student Successes. It will link to a Google Form where you can share your child’s achievements. You will also have the option to upload images or videos as well if you choose.

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