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Physical Education

The vision of the PE department is to provide knowledge through instruction, practise and feedback for pupils to flourish within their phase and prepare them for the next stages of learning. 

Our focus is on three connected pillars of progression that develop competence to participate, in order to meet the aims of the national curriculum. These are:

  • Motor competence (DOING) – executing the range of movements that become increasingly sport  and physical activity-specific
  • Knowledge of rules, strategies, tactics  & safe/effective participation (KNOWING) – knowledge of the conventions of participation in different sports and physical activities and of safe and effective participation
  • Development of Physical Fitness  (FITNESS) – knowledge of the importance of, and maintaining a good level of physical health and fitness

The department takes a lead role in delivering level two competitions as part of the wider Tameside School Sports Partnership Competition strategy both at secondary and primary. Our Primary and Secondary competition schedule can be found on the school website.

 Our facilities include:

  • a full size, floodlit, 3G pitch,
  • extensive school fields, 
  • a floodlit Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
  • fully equipped four badminton court sized sports hall, 
  • fitness room equipped with 8 rowing machines, cardio cycles, and free weights
  • Activity and Performance Studio including three state of the art trampolines and 10 table tennis tables. 

For the latest news, including updates on school sports teams please follow our twitter page @HydePEDept


Please click on the link below to view our PE Ramadan Policy:

Ramadan PE Policy - Hyde High School


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Mr Beeden

Subject Leader of Physical Education


Miss Wells

Assistant Subject Leader of Physical Education


Mr Leadbeater

Teacher of Physical Education

[email protected]

Mrs Parkinson

Teacher of Physical Education


Mr Tristram

Teacher of Physical Education

[email protected]

Mr Patel

Teacher of Physical Education


Miss H Whitney

Teacher of Physical Education

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Mr J Spensley

Teacher of Physical Education

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