KS4 Hospitality

Hospitality and Catering

The Level 1/2 vocational award in Hospitality and Catering provides students with the knowledge and skills that will support further learning and employment.  Students gain knowledge and understanding of the hospitality and catering industry and develop their ability to plan, prepare and cook dishes.  

The qualification comprises of 2 units:

Unit 1 - The Hospitality and Catering Industry

In this unit, students learn about the different types of providers within the hospitality and catering industry, the legislation that needs to be adhered to and the personal safety of all of those involved in the business, whether staff or customers. They learn about the operation of hospitality and catering establishments and the factors affecting their success. 

Students sit an on screen e-assessment  worth 40% of the final grade awarded which is externally assessed.

Unit 2 - Hospitality and Catering in Action

The purpose of the unit is for students to safely plan, prepare, cook and present nutritional dishes.  They will gain knowledge of the nutritional needs of a range of client groups in order to plan nutritional dishes to go on a menu. They learn and develop safe and hygienic food preparation, cooking and finishing skills required to produce nutritional dishes.

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated.








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(Unit 1 booklet,  Unit 2 booklet 1, Unit 2 booklet 2)