British Values

During the last OFSTED inspection ,this provision was judged as ‘good’. At Hyde we are continuously striving to improve the educational experience of our students by:

Making sure that our values are understood by all stakeholders in the school. Our values are detailed in the parent/school partnership.

Clear school rules which teach students right from wrong but with reconciliation at the heart of all sanctions.

Delivering assemblies and drop down days that help students to develop their moral compass and to appreciate and understand British values, traditions and those from other cultures and faiths. In year 11 students contribute to a display that celebrates the rich diversity in our school and the need to say NO to prejudice and discrimination.

Student voice gives our students the opportunity to voice their opinions on many aspects of the school and school life.

A wide range of trips, residentials and theme days develop our students understanding of the wider world.

Careers education helps our students to understand how they can contribute to society when they leave school, college or Further Education.

An e-safety programme which helps students stay safe on-line and protect them from exposure to extremist views.

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Democracy is the heart of the British way of life and every young person needs to understand that they have a say in how the country runs even if they don’t always agree with it! At Hyde students follow a citizenship programme in KS4 which develops their understanding of:

  • The values of a good citizen
  • Political parties in the UK and the roles of members of parliament
  • The voting system
  • How laws are made
  • Who has the power

Through student voice we encourage our students to get involved in the decision making progress at school and it is important that they understand that their views and opinions are listened to. Students form their own political parties and produce a school and country manifesto.

Through group work in lessons we encourage students to make decisions together and appreciate other student’s opinions.

Students also get the chance to vote on different issues such as sports captains or mock elections

British law and school rules

Our school rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe underpin the behaviour we expect from our students and the need to respect rules in order to become a responsible citizen when they leave education. At Hyde we:

Deliver numerous assemblies to constantly remind students of the need for rules to enable us to work together effectively.

Create an environment in which rules are consistently applied and reconciliation is at the heart of all sanctions

Teach students to acknowledge their own behaviour and take responsibility for their actions

Teach our students to know right from wrong.

Teach students how new laws are introduced through acts of parliament

Encourage students to debate the use capital punishment (religious education), prisons and reformation.


Making a Difference At Home

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