Extra Curricular

Year 7 and 8

  • E safety - Presentation on how to stay safe online (especially during lockdown periods) and action to take to report instances of bullying or inappropriate contact. Fact or fake? how to identify reliable sources of information. Internet safety week commences on November 22nd with a whole school assembly.
  • Health and Wellbeing - Assemblies on anti-bullying, role models and healthy lifestyles. Tailored calls made by school counsellor to signpost appropriate agencies (Young minds crisis messenger for free 24/7 mental health support for anxiety/depression). Referrals to The Talk Shop. Liaison with external agencies (CAMHS, TFT) where necessary.
  • Mutual respect - Black history month in October, women’s history month in February and Pride month in June. there will be various in school events run buy the student leadership team.
  • Cyber-bullying/trolling - Virtual assembly to all students on dangers of social media and how to deal with issues of bullying or trolling. Support available in school and social media ‘footprints’
  • Resilience - Pursuing Individual Excellence project (years 7 and 8)


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Year 9, 10 and 11

Managing stress - Students will explore the concept of marginal gains and how they can make small changes to their own lives in order to reduce stress and improve resilience.  These sessions include:

  • Read, review and condense complex data
    Develop and memorise key information
    Organise and managing time

Social media awareness - Delivered by Barclays Bank, students will learn about how employers check media profiles to identify unsuitable candidates. They are made aware of ‘data mining’ and hacking of private and personal information. Students will explore the ‘workings’ of their brain and how to build self-confidence and resilience. A virtual project is currently being investigated

Drugs education - This is delivered to all students as part of the PHSE curriculum in year 9. Topics will include drugs classification which was an area identified as in need of development with our students (PHSE audit)

Mental wellbeing - Assembly on anxiety, depressions and self-harm. Support and help available.

On line support available for all students:

[email protected]

Students in all years receive celebration virtual assemblies each term. A wide range of awards are given out by all subject areas in order to improve motivation, resilience and improve self-esteem and confidence. Students recognized for:

  • Positive engagement
  • Attitude to learning
  • Progress

Alcohol and addiction - How habit becomes addiction, the health and social consequences and support families can receive.

Cyber-bullying/trolling - Assembly to all students on dangers of social media and how to deal with issue of bullying or trolling. Support available in school and social media ‘foot prints’

MYRIAD – My resilience in adolescence

Hyde High School is an official partner school of the MYRIAD project. We are currently working alongside the University of Oxford and assisting in a comprehensive study of wellbeing and resilience during adolescence. There are 3 themes to the project:

  • To examine whether Mindfulness training improves resilience in young adolescents, how it affects their processing of thoughts and feelings, whether there are different effects at different stages of development, and examine effects among both those with poor or good mental health.
  • Discover the best way to train teachers to deliver a MT curriculum and how to implement it is schools across the country.
  • Conduct a large cluster controlled trial (Hyde High School is included in this), to establish whether mindfulness training in schools is effective and cost effective.

Parents have been written to regarding the project and the school will report back on the findings when they become available.


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LBGT Group

This group meet every Friday to discuss personal or community issues.

The aim of the group is to provide a safe space for young people who identify as part of the LGBT+ community. The group also allows those members to feel supported by their peers and the school community. All the students in the group participate in self- identity sessions and various projects. Recently students have entered competitions held at other schools and made artwork and poems on LGBT and issues surrounding identity

Discussions are generally based around gender, coming out and labels. The group also has weekly support from Diane King who works for Tameside youth services who also provides 1-2-1 counseling as well as general support for members of the group. This link also allows students who may need support outside of school to access it.

See Mrs Etches for more information

Year 10

Year 10 students at Hyde High School will be the only students in the country who will be shown prosecuting information presented by the Serious Crime Unit. Officers who personally investigated and prosecuted the murder of Abdul Hafida in 2017 will deliver an extended assembly to students. The aim of the session is to:

  • Raise awareness of gang recruitment and culture
  • Improve resilience
  • Increase the awareness on the consequences of gang culture – students will be shown information that has NEVER been seen outside of court.
  • Understanding individual identity including a positive self –worth
  • Raising awareness of how the unit and the police in general gather evidence

This session was run last year and will be repeated this year if possible.

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