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COVID Catch Up Strategy

Introduction and Context

A number of key stage 4 RSHE themes were not delivered in their entirety last year due to school being closed during the COVID lockdown. The restrictions in school in school also made it impossible to deliver assemblies on some of these key themes.

As the majority of our KS3 provision was planned to be delivered across different subject areas, workshops and assemblies, a 2021-2022 recover plan is in place. Our new year 7 students will be the most affected with a significantly reduced RSHE year 6 curriculum. As a result plans for this year have been made in consultation with local Year 6 headteachers.

To ensure that all year 11 students leave Hyde having covered the NC themes, we have implemented the year 10 curriculum into RE delivery time. More details about this are included in the link below to the full strategy document.

The recent RSHE survey also highlighted some areas where student knowledge and understanding had reduced as a result of the lockdown period.


Please click on the link to view the full catch up strategy.

COVID Catch Up Strategy