Personal, Social and Health Education

Education (PSHE) aims to develop students into well rounded and responsible adults.

PSHE themes are delivered across the curriculum at Key Stage 3.  All Key Stage 4 students received bespoke lessons as part of the personal development curriculum.



Please refer to the KS3 curriculum overviews for more comprehensive information on how PSHE is delivered across the curriculum however below is a summary of how key themes are delivered:

  • Online and media including internet safety and harms: Delivered in year 7 through the e-safety curriculum
  • Physical health and fitness including healthy eating: Delivered through PE, science and food technology.
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco: Delivered through the bespoke RE unit on addiction in year 9
  • Changing adolescent body: Delivered through the science curriculum at year 7.
  • Resilience and mental wellbeing: A bespoke programme ‘Pursuing individual excellence’ run with year 7 and 8 students in conjunction with year 7 students in local primary schools



Many aspects of PSHE are delivered through the relationships unit in RE. These include:

  • Family including different roles and conflict
  • Relationships
  • Sexual health and relationships

Students in KS4 also follow the Personal Development curriculum over both years of KS4

Personal Development curriculum 

This consists of 3 modules:

  1. Careers Education
  2. Sex and Relationships Education  (SRE)
  3. British Values

Curriculum Overviews and Important Documents